Wool Capes with Single Layer yoke
Wool Capes with single layer yoke and hood
Open Front Capes
Open Front Capes
Brown/Black, Green/Black
Wool Cape with Single Yoke in Brown/Forrest Green
Wool Cape with Single Yoke in Brown/Forrest Green

One of our most popular garments, this hooded wool cape features a large cowl that creates a substantial double layered effect. It is surprisingly light yet will keep the worst of weather at bay. Full-size hood for extra protection. Hidden under the top layer are two easily accessible pockets - a great place to warm your hands or store your cellphone!

This garment looks great belted and has inlaid leather closure. Weather protection works as a rain cape.

Custom Designs available in this style!

  • Available in solid or two-tone colors
  • Finished Length 39"
  • Works great with a belt!
  • Pockets!
  • Purchase ready ship garments, or choose your own colors
  • For a lighter style, See our Single Layer Capes
  • For extra layers, see Double Yoked Open Front Capes

Open Front Cape
Open Front Cape
Pocket Detail
Celtic Triangles Cape
Get a custom design with
our Celtic Triangles Cape

Open Front Wool Cape – $266

Open Front Capes
Stock Open Front Capes in Black, Black/Maroon and Gray/Black

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