Double Yoke Open Front Cape
Double Yoke Open Front Cape Black, Maroon, Gray

Add another yoke to our standard Open Front Cape and not only will you enjoy superb weather protection as a rain cape, and an added measure of beauty. This heavy hooded wool cape has a full-size hood for extra protection. Hidden under the top layers are two easily accessable pockets - a great place to warm your hands or store your cellphone!

The three layers offer many color combinations and added a second button clasp to keep the layers closed.

Available in solid or two-tone colors.

Double Yoked Open Front Cape – $312

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Bottom Row: lightweight (LW) wool
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Pocket Detail for Open Front Cape
Pocket Detail for Double Yoke Cape
Double Yoked Wool Capes
Double Yoke Open Front Capes
Blue - Black - Maroon
Brown - Forest Green - Gray
Double Yoke Wool Cape
Maroon - Gray - Black
Wool Cape from back
Wool Cape from back