Our Basic Kyrie Coat
Our Basic Kyrie Coat

Our Kyrie Coat has front panels tapering to a point, and a dramatic sweep in the back bring to mind the "pirate" coast of long ago, but equally stylish in this age! The wide collar can be flipped up to snuggle closer to the neck - or add our Kyrie Overlay (below).

This wool coat features a leather closure with one button at the waist. The wide cuffs come to a point near the elbow and are adorned with a leather triangle and buttons.

The Kyrie Overlay Caplet has matching dags in the front and a sweep in the back. Two button clasps in the front, and a large hood. The Overlay Caplet is also great to wear on it's own.

  • Available in solid or multicolors
  • Deep side pockets
  • Available with separate overlay caplet
  • Coats are shown with light weight wool trim
  • Choose your own colors and button styles

Kyrie Coat – $324 - $518

Select Your Own Color Combination
(custom made and shipped when finished)

All wool cloak colors
Top Row: Regular heavy weight
Bottom Row: lightweight (LW) wool
(for other color options, please list in comment form)

Mens Kyrie Coat
Kyrie Coat
Kyrie Coat in Black
Kyrie in Black
Kyrie Coat in Navy / Powder blue
Kyrie Coat in Navy / Powder Blue
Kyrie with overlay caplet
Kyrie with overlay caplet
Kyrie with overlay caplet
Caplet Overlay from back
A side view showing cuffs
Back View of Kyrie Coat
Custom Celtic Kyrie
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