Cape Coat front
Cape Coat front

Cape coat back
Cape coat back

This just might be our warmest coat. It's a full wool coat covered by an attached wool cloak. The concept for this design came from intense nagging over the years from people who wanted a cape - but also a coat. Well, here it is folks - Capes Coats for Men or Women! This keeps your arms and torso very warm. You can also wear it belted.

This garment has a beautiful flowing cape with rounded edges over a roomy dolman sleeved coat. It features a not so pointy hood and triple closures.

This is a wonderful choice for all body types.

  • Two sets of pockets
  • Available in solid or two-tone colors.
  • Finished Length 48"
  • Choose your own colors and buttons

(Note: this is a one piece garment)




Cape Coat – $409

Select Your Own Color Combination
(custom made and shipped when finished)

(Note: this is a one piece garment)

Tabs shown in sample colors, will color match to your garment

All wool cloak colors
Top Row: Regular heavy weight
Bottom Row: lightweight (LW) wool
(for other color options, please list in comment form)