Two Piece Travelers Wool Cloak
Two Piece Travelers Cloak with Rounded Overlay


An excellent choice for versatility!

The base cloak is full length with arm slits. It has no hood, but has a stylish yoke that comes to a point in the back.

The overlay cloak has buttons/ clasps that match the main cloak. It can be a solid color or two colors. It can match the base cloak or compliment it. The overlay has a hood. If you already own a Halfmoon cloak, consider purchasing our overlay for extra warmth!

This cloak is designed with two separate pieces that may be worn individually or together

Choose any color combination.

  • Available in solid or two-tone colors
  • Base Cloak Finished Length 52"
  • 3/4 Length Wool Cloak - 43" length
  • Overlay cloak length 32"
  • Rounded or Fitted Overlay cloak with hood (fitted comes to points/dags)
    (see Overlay page for example of fitted overlay)

Travelers Cloaks – $469 - $494

Select Your Own Color Combination
(custom made and shipped when finished)

See images below for examples of color matching.
Solid example: All black cloak, all gray overlay
OffSetting example: Black cloak with gray trim, gray overlay with black trim.

Tabs shown in sample colors, will color match to your garment

All wool cloak colors
Top Row: Regular heavy weight
Bottom Row: lightweight (LW) wool
(for other color options, please list in comment form)

Color Matching: Examples of Offsetting and Solid colors

Travelers cloak in solid colors: Black with gray overlay. Travelers overlay (left) in black worn separately
Travelers cloak in solid colors:
Solid Black Cloak with solid gray overlay.
Travelers overlay (left) in black worn separately

Two Piece Travelers Cloak
Travelers Cloak in offsetting colors:
Navy Cloak with Royal Blue Trim.
Overlay in Royal blue with Navy Trim

Two Piece Travelers Cloak
Two Piece Travelers Cloak with rounded Overlay

Travelers Coat, cloak back
Travelers Coat, Detail of yoke