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Wool Ponchos
Wool Ponchos
Small Wool Poncho

These wool ponchos started the business! Extremely practical and affordable, our ponchos may be used as a ground cloth, sleeping bag cover, shelter piece, rain cape, etc.

The Poncho can be worn belted capelike or sides folded under to form a tunic. Keep one in your car for emergencies!

Available in solid or multicolor.

  • Small (for those 5'4" and under, 29" length)
  • Med/Large (for those 5'5" and up, 39" length)
  • Also available with a Separate Cowl
  • Purchase ready ship garments, or choose your own colors

Wool Ponchos - $70 to $120

Poncho with Separate Cowl - $184

Our poncho style with a separate cowl hood. Base poncho has a stylish diamond yoke. The cowl has 2 front clasps and a hood. (Cowl also available separately)

Looks great together or separate - gives you two garments at a great price

In Stock items are shipped next business day, other colors available will be custom made and shipped when finished.

In Stock Styles:

To order other colors:
Select Primary/Base Color:
Select Secondary/Trim/Top Yoke Color:   

(for other color options, please list in comment form)


We have optional decorative tabs available. Please list request in comments on the order form to request tabs.

Size Base Price with Leather Tabs with Custom Tabs
Small . $ 70 $80 & up add $20 & up
Medium/Large $120 $130- 150 add $20 & up


wool ponch rain cape
Ponchos with colored hoods
Ready to ship ponchos are one solid color (Hood color match ponchos)
Wool Poncho w cowl
Poncho and Separate Cowl

wool poncho outerwear
Poncho with Separate Cowl

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