Wool Color Choices

Regular Weight Wool Colors
(top to bottom)
Gray, Navy, Maroon, Black,
Forrest Green, Brown, Purple
Lightweight Wool Colors

Our garments are constructed of thick durable 85/15 wool/nylon blends (100% wool available) and are sewn with a heavy nylon upholstery thread — made to last!

Stock colors include the following: brown, gray, navy, forest green, maroon, purple and black.

Other colors, in a light weight 100% wool, are available including Mint, Red, Rose, Roday, Heather, Emerald and Gold, etc. Please inquire as to availability.

Most of our garments (particularly coats and jackets) have a primary color for the body and another color for the trim; i.e. yoke, cuffs, etc. Should you desire more than two colors, there is a modest charge.

100% wools are available and colors will vary. Colors could fade with prolonged exposure to sun – do NOT hang the garment near a sunny window!