Q: Where are your garments made?
A: All garments are designed and manufactured in Delta, Colorado.
Q: Where do you get your wool?
A:The wool is purchased from the oldest woolen mill in the country, and one of the last currently operating.
Q: What time of the year is the best time to order custom garments, i.e. when is the wait time least?
A. The wait time is the least from January through June
Q: How do I care for one of your garments? Do I dry-clean it?
A: Most of our garments should not be dry cleaned, except for 100% wool garments which will be labeled as such.
Q: How long has Half Moon been in business?
Half Moon has been operating since 1984
Q: If I showed you a drawing (or picture) of a garment style, could you make a custom design for me?
A. We are always glad to consider custom designs. There is a $150 dollar minimum for pattern development plus the cost of the garment. (All new designs are contingent upon a review and approval by Half Moon)

light weight 100% wool swatches
Q: Why do the specialty colors (gold, purple, red, white) cost more?
A. We have these colors custom dyed and only receive them in small lots
Q: Do you take personal checks?
A. Only on a custom order or an order that is shipped from the shop
Q: Do you have a retail store in town? Are your garments available at any retail outlets?
A. We will have a retail store in the summer of 2004 in the tourist mountain town of Ouray, CO. Customers are welcome to make an appointment to stop by the shop in Delta, CO. Mon – Thursday 8-4 Mountain Time. We have a display of garments here.
Q: Are your garments water repellent?
A. Yes! Wool is water repellent because of its natural lanolin. You can wear our garments in weather that calls for a rain coat or umbrella. Wool is excellent for harsh weather conditions like snow and sleet. WOOL RETAINS ITS WARMTH EVEN WHEN SOAKED. WOOL IS QUIET IN THE WOODS.

Tagua Slice Buttons
Q: What are tagua nuts? Why do you use them on many of the garments?
A. Tagua nuts are a product of tne Taqua tree located in parts of the Amazonian Rain Forest. We like the rustic character of the buttons, as well as supporting a sustainable product to preserve the Rain Forests
Q: How often do I need to clean my Half Moon coat?
I suggest airing it out on a nice, breezy fall afternoon, and once again in the spring. No further cleaning is required other than any necessary spot washing
Q: Will the wool pill up or wear out?
A .Eventually all wool pills to some degree. We have found that the 85/15 fabric is extremely durable. Customers from 18 years ago come back with their garments and they still are in excellent condition.
Q: Will the colors run if it gets wet or if I wash it?
A. Not on the standard 85/15 fabric and I have yet to see any of the brighter colors have this problem.
Q: Oops! I dry-cleaned my garment by mistake. How can I make it water repellent again?
A. There may be some products available on the market… although we have only seen them for canvas or leather. Even if dry-cleaned the garment will not lose all of it’s water resistant properties, it will, however, not retain it’s original water resistant nature.
Q: How do I remove [candle] wax from the wool?
A: Lay a paper towel over the affected area and apply heat with an iron. The paper towel will wick the wax away from the wool.
Q: Where do I get a sturdy hangar for my cloak, like the ones I saw at your shop?
A: Some Scuba Dive shops sell extra sturdy hangars for wetsuits – someone said that worked well for them.
Q: The leather hook broke on my clasp. How do I repair it? Can your shop do the repair and how much does it cost?
A: We will replace the leather loop at no charge. Just send it to the shop and enclose a check for $15 to cover return shipping and handling. If you have had the garment less than one year, we will cover the shipping
Q: I’d like to change the buttons on my Half Moon garment. How do I order them? How do I attach the new one(s)?
A: Simply call the shop and order the new buttons, or send your garrment with a check to cover the cost of the buttons and shipping and we will do it for you. Always remember to include a note in the box with your instructions and the return shipping address
Custom Capote
Custom Capote
Q: From what time period are your designs based?
A: They are strictly from my head! No time periods considered….
Q: Are the garments more for one sex or are they generally unisex?
A: All of our capes, cloaks and other loose styles are unisex. Our Talon and Kyrie Coat are a more feminine cut where the Capote is more masculine. Most of the other coat styles are generally unisex.
Q: I’m allergic to wool but love your cloaks. Do you make your garments in any other material?
A: Sorry… We are generally committed to wool.
Q: Why a wool/nylon blend? Why not 100% wool?
A: Nylon adds an extreme measure of durabilily to the fabric. We do have 100% wools available as well, although these are irregular in availability.
Q: Over the winter, mice/moths got my Half Moon. Can it be repaired?
A: We need to see it in the shop and make that determination.
Q: What is greasy duck and what does it do for a garment?
A: Greasy duck is an oiled canvas cloth that creates another rain resistant barrier when coupled with the wool.
Q: I want to order a garment as a gift. Will you drop ship it directly to the recipient?
A: Absolutely