Popover Cowl Hood
Popover Cowl Hoods

Popovers are our cowl hoods in a pullover style. A single pouch pocket in the front of the cowl but also a divided pouch pocket inside in the front. It's a perky little garment that would be suitable for almost anyone. 

Hooded cowls are inexpensive and an excellent investment in your future comfort!  Great for over your SCA or LARP garments for that added warmth or rain cape protection.

  • Available in solid colors only
  • Single front pocket outside
  • Divided pocket inside front
  • Full Hood
  • For a two-button closure style, see Cowl Hoods
  • For a similar style without pockets, see Hoodinis
  • 26" length

Popover Cowl Hood – $133

Select Your Own Color Combination
(custom made and shipped when finished)

All wool cloak colors
Top Row: Regular heavy weight
Bottom Row: lightweight (LW) wool
(for other color options, please list in comment form)

Wool Popover Cowl in Gray
Wool Popover Cowl in Gray
Powder Blue Popover Wool Cowl
Popover Cowl in lightweight Denim Blue wool