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Wool Cloaks
Wool winter cloak
Full Length Cloaks

These hooded wool cloaks are not designed for just costume but for serious warmth!

Our wool cloaks are fitted at the shoulder and drape evenly at the bottom. There are armslits in the side panels of the cloaks for ease of movement, and a button/tab to keep it closed in the front. The design of these cloaks keep your body heat in to make you toasty even in the coldest weather. The natural lanolin in the wool of the cloak will keep you dry when it rains.

These gothic hooded cloaks are popular with Medieval or Renaissance reenactment groups, such as the SCA or LARP. But you'll also find them useful for everyday use - and elegant enough to wear to the opera!

"My husband and I both have one of your cloaks and are very pleased with their style, workmanship and warmth!"
C. Nanny, State College, PA

Full Length Cloaks - $278

3/4 Length Cloaks $258 - $278
Our 3/4 Length Single Layer Wool Cloaks are an excellent choice for the smaller folks, those of you 5'5" and under.

In Stock items are shipped next business day, other colors available will be custom made and shipped when finished.

In Stock Styles:

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(for other color options & harlequin styles, please list in comment form)

3/4 length Harlequin Cloak (each panel a different color)- $278
Reversible 3/4 Length Cloak - $328 (not Shown)

Full length Wool Cloaks
Full Length Cloaks
Gothic Wool Cloak
3/4 Length Cloaks
wool SCA Garb outerwear
3/4 length Cloak
'Harlequin' style


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